Tuesday, November 19, 2013

El Garabato

The dance El Garabato is one of the most spectacular dances in this carnaval. It mainly resembles the life and the death and it names origins from the spanish. The name "Garabato" was given because a wood stick that has red, green and yellow hung ribbons. This wood stick is called Garabato and it is used during the dance to end with a death of the challenge.

El garabato was disappearing until a Barranquillero called Emiliano Vengochea about 70 years ago brought it back and now as i said is one of the sensations in the carnaval. Every year in precarnaval (a couple of days before the Queen is given the crown) this dance occur,  the Carnaval Queen and thousands of people divided in subgroups participate. Currently this dance takes off at the school Biffi La Salle, and runs through some streets ending in  The Country Club. During the tour musicians accompany the dancers, each of them carries a drum or flutes creating the music beats. The anthem of "El Garabato" was composed by  Emiliano called "Te olvide" and it is sung by the participating bands.

The costume for the women's in this spectacular dance consist of a blouse and long skirt both black with a red ribbon around the waist. Also it is adorned by washers in the shoulders and at the bottom of the dress with the colors of the Barranquilla flag (red, green, yellow). Finally women compliment it by wearing an ornament in their head, more specifically flowers also with the flag's colors. Mens costume is quite different they wear a long-sleeved yellow shirt , a ' shaped front bib always blue with embroidered lace and sequins. The mens costume also consist of waring a  black trousers and in the knee with lace, high white socks, and black shoes. At their back they use a  red cape adorned with sequins and figures of many colors, it usually has different carnaval characters laced and placed.  As i said the men use the wooden stick called "garabato" and a white hat adorned with ribbons and cayenne flower also the three colors of the flag. Both men and women use black shoes while they dance this incredible and happy dance.

"Disfraz de la danza."Danza de El Garabato. 19 November 2013<http://varielandia.wikispaces.com/Danza+de+El+Garabato>.

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