Thursday, November 21, 2013

Las Negrita Puloy

The Negrita Puloy which carries 40 years of happiness and fun, are a character in the carnaval of Barraquilla. "Palenqueras" as they are called, are descendants of africa and in fight for their freedom. This woman are widowed, single, married, lovers and even grandmothers that love to take the role of this character during carnaval. The Negritas puloy are dancers by nature and love to move their hips and shoulders.

The music they use  to move their legs and the rest of their body is fandango. This is a type of dancing with musical rhythm originated when the black slaves meet at nights in their streets and at that time the dance was serenaded by bagpipes and drums followed by a group of women which were the singers. They sung countless verses related to the different activities they performed during the day, that was their inspiration. (Rafael, "Fandango, el canto de la sabana".)

The Negrita Puloy character or costume consist of women dressed in black, red and white, with big necklaces and earrings. Mostly the where a short skirt and top with circles white while the background in red and this woman get the applause of the people who watch them. And while This character makes  history in the Carnival of Barranquilla, palenqueras walk by the streets of the city, selling and shouting boooollo, cocada, for hours with joy. (Bibian, "LAS NEGRITAS PULOY".)

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