Sunday, November 17, 2013


Barranquilla has a Carnaval every year where cultural dances and characters are represented. One of the most important and known character is the Marimonda, originated in Barranquilla, this character is represented by its own dance moves. The costume was created by a poor Barranquillero, this man created it because he couldn't afford any expensive or fancy costumes for the Carnaval. So he decided to take a pair of  pants from his older brother, where socks in his hands and a vest backwards. To finish his costume he took a bag made two circles for the eyes and stuck a long nose falling from the eyes. As the time passed the Marimondas started to presented on comparsas in Barranquilla's Carnaval and their costume became more modern and elaborated. They are practically known as the clowns of this Carnival, always being silly and bringing joy to the crowd with their funny dance and unchoreographed moves. Now days this character is always colorful and representing fun people. The most known marimondas are The Marimondas of el Barrio Abajo they shake their legs,  move arms as chicken, and we can also we can see how they act as if being attacked by ants. As we notice, the Marimondas has an important role in Barranquilla's carnival by bringing happiness to any situation.

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