Saturday, November 23, 2013

The Congo

One of the oldest costumes of el Carnaval de Barranquilla is The Congo, they say it was originated from a native war dance of the Congo, Africa. This dances one of the most outstanding dances in Barranquilla's carnival, the black Africans who where held in Cartagena are the reason of the spread of this dance in Colombia.

The costume consist of satin pants that can be any color and has patches in tabular form on the knees, these patches are each different color. The pants also carry on the side ribbons and sequins. The Congo's shirt is long sleeve and it is usually decorated with sequins and images of animals and symbols of Barranquilla such as our soccer team Junior.

When it comes to the head, this is what defines the Congo's most they wear a hat around their head and it holds fake flowers very colorful most of the time made with a special paper. On the back of the hat it holds a long tail adorned with sequins, ribbons, lace, bows and other decorations that make them look attractive.

This men which dance the Congo wear really dark glasses and paint their faces white with red circles on their cheeks. On their hands they carry a wooden machete to hit the ground during their dance.

The rhythm of this dance is called "Golpe del Congo", this men are dancing in the streets in two rows doing circles, crossing from side to side.

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